Welcome to my little island in the great big digital ocean….

Hi, my name is Sidnei Budiman (friends call me Sid) and this is my blog. I decided to start this blog to learn and also share some of my interests and experiences via my writing, videos and pictures that hopefully others might also enjoy. I’m pretty laid back, love the beach, the sun and just relaxing outdoors but on the flip side I also love to sit on my chair in a closed room, write some code and build things for the web, android, iPhone and other types of devices I can get my hands on :)

I like to tinker …

I am also co-founder of a startup called Dealoka, so if your interested in what we are doing, feel free to email me on “sidnei (at) dealoka (dot) com” anytime

Checkout my github here

Links to the last 3 Video Blog posts below …

Click to read more onTravel Documentary – Pulau Harapan (Free Diving Trip) 

Click to read more onFree Diving – Pulau Seribu (Thousand Islands) – (Kayu Angin, Gentang, Macan, Tongkeng and Belintang) 

Click to read more onFree Diving – Pulau Perak in Pulau Seribu – (Silver island @ thousand islands) – Indonesia

Or if you want to look at the different categories of my interests just click on any of the links below :) ! Any comments, feedbacks or criticisms are welcome …

pure-waterThe Ocean – It’s my favourite place. The warm morning sun, the sounds of the waves, the fresh cold water and the smell of ocean spray makes you happy to be alive. You breathe it in and any amount of tension just melts away. I swim at the beach every morning to start the day and love to free dive (though some free diving could be done in a pool during practice). I will try to film as much of my ocean activities as possible and behind the camera (and also in front) you will probably see a lot of my good friend Damir.

freediverFreediving - An awesome sport for those who love the ocean and want a combination of relaxation, peace and excitement all at the same time. Free diving takes you to some beautiful beaches and gives you an appreciation for the oceans and the beauty of the life beneath the ocean and even life above :) . Lots of images and videos in this category.

3idiot-35-10x7Bollywood – Bollywood movies are awesome. Great stories, great music and great characters. The life of Pi & Slum dog millionaire may have won awards and are the ones on peoples lips but im sure if other movies went international there would be much more then just two to talk about.

unoTechnology – I write code, develop for iPhones, Androids and play with many other devices like Raspberry’s and Arduino’s. I like to read about and understand all the technologies not just in the world of IT but in many other areas such as space exploration and human physiology/Biology. We are moving forward so fast in and it is expecially exciting times for science and technology. Right now there is no shortage of breakthroughs out there to read and get excited about.

fendersMusic – From time to time I might Jam on the guitar and put some of the videos online or might just post up some videos of new songs or clips I like. Music is a good way to relax and if your with mates it gets everyone singing, laughing and having fun.


This blog is also a way for me to learn and improve the activities that I enjoy doing so I would also love any feedback or comments about any topics I write about. One thing I know I would like to improve on is my Hindi. After watching many Bollywood movies and spending some time learning the script, I have picked up some Hindi so will try to write some of my Bollywood posts in English then translate it to Hindi (as best as I can). If its bad I sincerely apologize and welcome any corrections so I can improve my writing.

Also as part of free diving I go to many places around Sydney, if anyone has any suggestions about other great places to free dive drop me a line as I would love to know. I go to Indonesia a lot also (as I am indonesian) so any great diving places around Indonesia would also be appreciated.

Other then that thanks for visiting my Blog


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