Dinner After the harvest …


So, to me going shopping at Flemington was the gathering and harvesting of the food. Had to make heaps of room in the fridge and shift a lot of the food so I could get the veggies that needed to be refrigerated inside.

IMG_0348After some shifting and moving it was time to cook. Because I had so much veggies and meat to play with I didn’t have to go sparingly on the food. I also made lots of food because I had my cousin coming over with her husband.

I decided to make beans with chilli’s, mushroom, onions, parsley and garlic. I also wanted to eat the squash so I went ahead and steamed some of the squash. I made a garlic sauce and simmered it over some light heat. When the squash was nicely steamed I put the garlic sauce over the squash so that the flavour of the sauce and the taste of the squash would combine nicely. I usually do this instead of cook them together to get a  stronger flavour from the veggies and the sauce.

I then made the steak, all medium and made a chilli and garlic sauce to put on once the steak was done. I had some scallops in the fridge so I poured boiling water over them and added some salt. I kept repeating the process as the water got cold until I felt IMG_0346the scollops where tender and warm on the inside but not over cooked.

I made a ginger, garlic and shallots sauce combined with sesame oil and soy sauce, mixed them together and heated the sauce slightly. Once the shallots were soft I poured it over the scollops.

Time to cook was about 30 mins all up …