Dinner for my old man’s Birthday …


We had dinner out for mothers day, hurricanes so this time it was dinner in for my old mans birthday. I went and bought some rib eye meat, 2kg roll and bought some fish.

I made a ginger and shallots with garlic sauce for the fish which was cooked over a steamer. I roasted the rib eye and once it was roasted I took some of the juices that had been exposed during the cooking process and turned that into a pepper gravy.

There was also some squid so I got the pan griller out and grilled the squid, then stirred through a mildly sweet sauce that I made from a few ingredients,  through the squid for some extra flavour.

Made some garlic vegetables and fried some Lebanese bread. Made a garlic sauce with some mushrooms and olive oil to dip the fried Lebanese bread in as a starter. We had 7 people there all up and it was a nice dinner for everyone.

Sister bought a cheese cake so finished of the meal with a cheese cake :)