OMG … Farking Macbook :(


Its freaking comatose, its dead ! This is a freaking disaster. I have my Android coding environment on this thing and hadn’t had a chance to move the environment to my new macbook because I was so busy fixing up and finalising the changes on the iPhone. Code is safe, all in the repo but environment is not, got to set up all that crap and to be honest thats what I hate most about development. Development is fun, really really fun, BUT getting the stuff set up so you can start writing the code and start seeing your creation take life is the worst part of it cause really you just want to get down to the coding.

These instances are the moments when technology gets me really mad. I was hacking away on the new macbook and forgot that the power was plugged into the new one. I fell asleep on the table because I was so tired and it completely drain the power out of the old mac that I have :( Now it doesn’t boot up ?! Is it so bad that the power drained ? If its so bad shouldn’t there be a warning ? Or maybe I missed it. Anyway this really really is the fail.

Lots of people with the same issue (battery drained no more boot) and some had this happen as a result of not so severe contact issues that just needed cleaning, others where magsafe connectors and mobo’s needed to be replaced, but why do these things make themselves obvious only after the battery is drained myst be a link in there somewhere ! I wanna throw this mac book in the bin and then incinerate that bin BUT right now its got my environment for android development and this is important. I just need it to boot up for 20 mins so I can copy the files, replicate the settings and be on my way on the new macbook.

Unbolt the hard disk you say, get the files of ?! I would (I opened the macbook) but the screws on these disks are a weird star shaped design that requires special screw drivers that for the most part no one would have  (unless there was an apple genius or some sort of electrician possibly).


*Takes car to Ratu plaza where apparently this is one place in Indonesia where they have apple geniuses there* ” This better work and better not cost an arm and a leg to fix” ….