Mac Book Recovery ….


After 4 days of sitting idle and not being used, the macbook has recovered. I don’t know why. I tried it two days later, it didn’t work so I thought it was definitely dead. Then I took it to the apple repair shop and bam ! The geniuses plugged my laptop into the power point, the adapter came on bright (something it hadn’t done for ages) and at that moment, I knew for a split second I was going to look like the biggest dimwit to ever walk into the apple store and complain that their laptop was not booting up :P These guys really are geniuses !

Well I didn’t care, dimwit or not, the laptop boots up and I can now get my environment of it and let this work horse lay to rest once and for all (Look at it, its melted, its dead, it needs to rest). So happy. I walked out and asked the apple genius what could have happened and he gave me some spiel about the fact that the power point might hot have had a constant current and the surge protection prevented the power from coming on properly and booting up my laptop.

Yeah … maybe … we are in Indonesia and these things can happen. I also read things online about a state the laptop can get into which is some discharge state where it lays dead for a few hours if you let the battery completely drain but from what I had read it would not do this for a period of days only hours. Could have been anything really and If i was less busy I would try to get to the bottom of this but not right now …

Anyhoo, all is well and now much of the stress that I had is lifted. Code might not work, there might be things failing and all sorts of problems happening but if you can’t fix it cause your tools are not working thats the real time to stress, what do you do when the thing you built is not working, twiddle your thumbs ?! *STRESS*,  Other then that though, everything else and any other problem is fine … she’ll be right as we say in OZ :) It’ll get fixed :P

Have a good one guys, and jobsy, if your spirit came down to save my laptop i appreciate it … really, after being force to spend so much money just so I can develop on your amazing platform I really really appreciate it :)