Such a time waster …

IMG_0543So I got sick ! Pretty badly too, had this crazy virus combo that took me out for 3 days straight but now it looks like I am back ! I think a combination of to much work, not enough sleep, crazy weather conditions (getting cold then hot then air con), sleeping in the car, working in the car, not eating right and the odd mosquito took its toll on what i thought was my invincible body :P

I felt really tired 3 days ago, went to the doctors for a checkup only to find out i had the double whammy, dengue fever & typhoid fever both at the same time hahaha ! Typhoid from overwork, not enough rest and not eating right and dengue from some dumbass mosquito. When doctor told me I was like *madddd* …. this cant be good, wonder how im gonna feel in a few days when this nasty combo really kicks in, but to be honest the worst thing about getting sick like this is being bored out of my wits. Sitting in bed, with the drip, SUCH A PAIN IN THE ASS.

Anyway 3 days later and I think im ok now, doctors say it takes on average about 10 days but seems like I have recovered and things are already good now, they better let me go home tomorrow otherwise i’m gonna call my friends and cousins into my hospital room and have a party in here, make lots of noise in my room till they kick my ass out LOL.

Got some work and some diving to do man , cant be sitting in bed wasting time like this :P