Happy New Years 2013 to 2014 – Bandung Freediving Cabang Jakarta LOL !


Man I am excited for this new year. Scared a little BUT mostly excited cause things are happening. However on the 31st of Dec, there is NO TIME to be scared or think to much about the future there is only time to think about what to do on Dec 31st NYE.

I was sick, had a sore throat, was feeling kinda weak, but I still didn’t wanna stay at home. There were decisions of going to bandung, decisions to stay, to go play pool, nothing was clear. I just surfed the net and drank hot tea and medicine all day to try to get better for the new year and the rest did me well.

I was tired from long hours at work getting the initial design for our product completed and I think it took its toll. Come 7 I called Rafie, where are you broooo. He answers “Downstairs”. I go down and ask him, so what we doing for NYE man … “Dunno” he answers “but I gotta pick up a cake for my mum”.

Then Ajeng whatsapp me. “Gimana Sid jadi keluar ?” Ngak tau nih. Eventually we work out there is no plans and we have the evening free. “OK Jeng jadi kita on the way … siap2″. We drive to where Ajeng is staying for her training and our plan is simple.

Go to a nice place to eat till the new years bell , blow on the horns, greet everyone happy new year and then call it a night. NOPE … this didn’t happen ;)

So we went to noodle house at living world and right outside there was a dance party setting up :P The music was pumping, the people were dancing and it looked like fun …

So we ate … and well, the pictures tell the rest of the story :)

Was a great night and I forgot that I was sick, I guess now i’m paying for it haha but thats ok. It isn’t to bad and you have to celebrate the coming of the new year.


Have fun everyone and may your new years be everything you hope it to be !