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Documentary – Pulau Harapan (Free Diving Trip)

So last weekend I went away again on a nice trip to Pulau Seribu. This time however I decided to plan my trip exactly as I wanted it. By this I knew that what we wanted to do was go to all the different islands in the area. We didn’t want to do any banana boating, or sight seeing on the island its self. The main goal was to jump in the water and dive !

The way I arranged the trip was I told our organiser Pak Wawai that all I needed was accommodation, food for the two days and boat rental that could take us to anywhere we wanted within the area. Usually the packets they have include many other activities but we were not really interested because wanted to spend +8 hours in the water.

Pak Wawai was a great host and organised everything for us with a really nice boat driver who did a bit of free diving with us also. So in total this is what the packet included

  • Ferry ride from Muara Angke to Pulau Harapan (via Pulau Pramuka)
  • Accommodation at a pretty decent place in Pulau Harapan (decent as in it had showers, AC and bed :P) if your expecting 5 star accommodation you will be disappointed πŸ™‚
  • All the food and water for breakfast lunch dinner for the first day and then breakfast and lunch again for the second day. Dinner also included normal dinner and a BBQ with fresh fish.
  • Boat hire for 2 whole days to go where ever we wanted

For two people 2 days 1 night this whole arrangement cost $59 AUD which would be about $57 or so USD and Rp600,000. This however was for only two people and the price radically decreases as you add people to the trip. With a group of 4 it could be around Rp450,000 – Rp500,000 depending on what you do.

Day 1 of the tripΒ 

The trip as usual started in Muara Angke and stopped of at Pulau Pramuka before docking in Pulau Harapan. We then didn’t waste any time through our gear into our cabin and jumped straight onto the boats.

Pulau Seribu Fish

From there we just went island hopping and went diving around the whole area. The water was really nice in comparison to Pulau Pramuka and was really much cleaner, bluer and had much better wild life. We managed to capture big schools of fish, turtles and other wild life all around.

After all the diving was completed we went to an Island called Pulau Pasir which is basically just a sand island right in the middle of the ocean ! It was beautiful, we made it there just in time for the sunset and was watching the sun go down whilst sitting in warm clear waters waist deep ! It was magical and awesome and freaking cheap too ! In the middle of the island there was a small stall where we could get some snacks and drinks πŸ™‚

At night we were toasted because we were at a dance party on the Friday (Dj Tiesto party) and just danced the night away till 4 and headed straight for the island at 6 (yeah insane) diving like this is dangerous BTW so we didn’t force ourselves to much. So that night we crashed really early. At about 10 Pak Wawai woke us up to tell us that our BBQ dinner was ready. We ate it half asleep and zombie like then headed straight for the sack right after and slept nicely from about 11pm – 5am. Best sleep ever !

Day 2 of the tripΒ 


Day 2 of the trip was simple ! We got our gear at 6:30 jumped on the boat again and spent the whole day in Pulau Perak. We stayed there for about 4-5 hrs and then had to leave to go back to Jakarta.

One of the highlights is on the way back to our ferries there are lots of little kids swimming in the beach and they ask for coins, so we throw them coins and they dive down to get the coins. Maybe there are so future freedivers being cultivated here πŸ™‚

We finally arrived back in jakarta and had to use the usual tuktuk vehicle which is a motorbike front end connected to a passenger cabin at the back. We where the only two passengers and all the people who knew the driver was giving him a hard time because of it LOL πŸ™‚ It was a great trip and I learnt that up north the islands are so much nicer and much better for diving.

I will probably explore Pulau seribu a few more times to get to know more of the remote areas and do some camping but once I have done that, it will be time to explore other parts of Indonesia’s great diving sites.

Catch you guys till then πŸ™‚

Free Diving – Pulau Seribu (Thousand Islands) – (Kayu Angin, Gentang, Macan, Tongkeng and Belintang)

So we had more freediving fun in Pulau seribu. Not much else around jakarta when you want a quick get away from the hustle and bustle !

Even though Pulau seribu is close to get to from Jakarta its not to say its not an awesome place to go and do some free diving and to just generally relax. This time Mark and I headed of to Pulau Harapan as our main island. From Pulau Harapan we threw all our gear into our cabin and rented a boat for two days just dedicated to taking us to all the different islands within the Vicinity so we could have a diving buffet !

Pulau seribu - Pulau Perak - Fish

Boy was that the right choice. We just went from Island to island,enjoyed all the different coral in each of the areas and swam with fishes, turtles and other marine life. In comparison to say Pulau Pramuka, Pulau Harapan was much cleaner much nicer and the accommodation was slightly better. What I also liked more was the food so good job to Pak Wawai and team πŸ™‚

Pulau seribu - Pulau Perak - Fish

The boat that we hired was dedicated just for us and took us between Kayu Angin, Gentang, Macan, Tong Keng and Belintang. There were so many beautiful islands next to each other and unique in their own way, specially in how the ridges fell into the deep, the fish and the coral.

I would have to say that first day diving was alot better because we were there past 10 and the sun started to angle better into the water so it was much more clearer then the second day. On the second day we were at the dive site by 6 because we had to leave much earlier for Jakarta so we left by about 10:30 just as the sun was getting better.

We also visited an island called Pulau Pasir or sand island which I have to say is rightly named so. This island is just a sand island right in the middle of the ocean, its a picture perfect image of paradise on what I would call a super tight budget. You can view more about that in the documentary of the trip i created that should be posted in the “ocean” section of my blog.

Again, another weekend well spent away from the traffic jam, malls and the hustle and bustle of Jakarta’s normal lifestyle.Β Thank heavens for Pulau Seribu .. enabling us a way to get away to paradise for a weekend to do some diving on a super tight budget !

Love Indonesia … I hope they take care of these islands and ensure they stay beautiful and affordable for future generations.

Free diving Pulau Seribu

Stig Severinsen’s Awesome new Guiness record – 250 feet under the ice in speedo’s !

Stig just achieved the impossible again ! He just swam 250 feet in speedos under the ice ! He is an absolute legend. What I really like about Stig is he is not just about free diving but about relating free diving and the benefits grained from the training to deal with everyday life.

It may seem like holding your breathe for minutes at a time couldn’t be further from what our everyday life entails but in reality there is so much to be learnt and gained from understanding what goes behind a breath hold that everyone should at least understand the principles and give the basics a go, specially the relaxation and mind calming exercises πŸ™‚

I initially found Stig’s material online by accident when I was trying to learn how to breathe better for my normal morning swims. Watching his videos on Ted TV, reading his Breathology Academy material, then eventually purchasing the Breathology e-bookΒ really opened my eyes to the possibilities of the human body. From that point on I was hooked on free diving and was consistently trying to understand what Stig was doing to achieve his results. Stig said he could train anyone to achieve great results and I was excited to learn …

So on top of producing great learning material that everyone can benefit from, not just people who want to freedive, Stig is still cracking records and doing the impossible. I can’t say much more then congratulations on smashing another impossible feat and showing its actually possible, thanks for introducing free diving to so many people including myself.

Keep up the good work Stig and keep doing the impossible πŸ™‚

About One year since Free Diving …


Freediving in Pulau Pramuka

So its been about one year since I have been free diving actively and it has been one hell of a journey and an eye opening experience for me ! I am so happy that I discovered the sport and will continue to enjoy the water through free diving for many years to come πŸ™‚

I have always loved the water and being a sydney sider, summer for as long as I can remember always involved going onto the beach. Whether in that particular year it was just to swim, body surf or to body board, we always had fun at the beach, summer was always something to look forward too. We would enter summer all white and pasty and come out of summer all dark and tanned. Every year was the same and it was awesome.


Beautiful sunrise at shelly beach – Sydney Australia

When I started running BlipADeal & HotDiskonΒ I was able to arrange my own time and spent every morning before work swimming laps at shelly beach rock pools in sydney’s Cronulla beach, which is about 20-30 mins drive from where I live. After swimming for about 8 months in the pools I wanted to find ways to optimise breathing and after some research Damir (my friend who every morning would also join me for the swim) and I discovered free diving.

After watching one of Stig Severinsons talks on ted TV I was totally astounded by what he could do and how he could enjoy the water in such a spectacular way. It seemed impossible but he was doing it and he said he was able to train people to do it also ! I was hooked. The morning swims became all about breathe holding, swimming underwater and just getting more comfortable.Β Since then I have learnt and experienced many things that I think have really changed how I feel both mentally and physically.

My Fat Ass & my cute little sis on her birthday :)

My Fat Ass & my cute little sis on her birthday πŸ™‚

The most noticeable of all the changes has been my weight ! Before I started swimming and free diving I was one heavy dude ! I was about 87 kilos of fat and my height is only about 5’7 πŸ™‚ I had a bit of muscle but I was a big boy. After I started to dive and do the various different training techniques required to get better at the sport I lost about 20+ kilos to date. The main thing isn’t the weight but its the fact that I feel better then I did when I was in my very early 20’s and in my very early 20’s I was one fit guy doing lots of sports. Now 10 years later, as a result of this weight loss my wardrobe just got bigger by 20 pairs of jeans that I have collected over the last 10 years (which when I look at their size was getting bigger each year) πŸ˜› wooohoooo how awesome is that ! No more bandung factory outlet shopping for me anymore LOL …


Veges, Seafood, Meats

I have learnt a lot about the body. Reading about what happens to the body during apnea, to understanding how our body uses oxygen, what the effects of pressure are on our bodies and what happens during blackouts, its all been a great learning experience. Above all that I also learnt about how to eat right so the body is more efficient and more healthy. Im sure as I do more formal free diving education and more reading about the sport I will again learn more about human physiology & for me learning is always fun !

Now I am also more calm in stressful situations and currently with running a business getting stressed about all sorts of things is a common event. By remembering what its like to be under the water and staying calm and relaxed when your 60+ feet below the surface of the ocean, some of that calmness can be brought into daily life and can help ease some of the stress by bringing up glimpses of the same frame of mind.


Pulau Harapan sunrise

I have managed to see so many new parts of the world that I never even thought about visiting before I started free diving. When your free diving you do what you can to get close to the water and this usually leads you to look at new and wonderful places to get a new underwater experience and explore nature at its finest. This leads you to camping and going on trips you never thought about before and it gets you closer to nature.

1380487_638703502841041_1915583331_n IMG_0080-1024x768

Finally but surely not the least, I have met so many new friends along the way πŸ™‚ From other free divers that you meet at dive sites and share a dive with on a given day, to the teachers who show you how to be safe to groups and communities of free divers that you hang with its been a great way to get to know people who also love the water as much as you do.

It’s been a really positive change and being a complete geek who sits in front of the computer all day working with code, math and logic its been a really nice way to contrast the day. Open air, fresh sea water in the morning followed by a quiet time in front of the computer from the afternoon to the evening πŸ™‚ In the next few months I plan on getting the next level certification if I get the chance so hopefully it will allow me to understand more about the body, more about how to go deeper, be safer and enjoy the ocean in a whole new different way.1384211_722836544399354_788054513_nSo stay safe & have fun in the water everyone !

Free Diving – Pulau Perak in Pulau Seribu – (Silver island @ thousand islands) – Indonesia

I am reaching my last few days here in Indonesia and managed to get one last new visit to the thousand islands. My good mate Mark had a free weekend which got opened up due to relatives not being able to visit on their planned date. When this happens and you have a free weekend what do you do ? Naturally where else would you go other then Pulau Seribu πŸ˜› It’s perfect , its cheap and its fun !

I will describe the actual trip, the logistics of how to get there and the location we were at in a later post when I create a mini documentary about the whole trip but in this specific entry I will just talk about Pulau Perak or (Silver island) and the free diving experience there πŸ™‚


There are many ways to reach Pulau Perak depending on which island you reside on. In this particular trip I stayed at Pulau Harapan or (Hope Island) and would boat to all the different islands in the location. Pulau Perak looks to be an uninhabited island accept for a small hut right on the shore. I asked our boat driver if we were able to camp on the island and he said it was possible. In the future when I come to the thousand islands I might bring my camping gear just to spice it up. This way we can catch our own food and cook it on the open fire in a beautiful oceanic, natural island setting.


The diving site was just of the coast of the island. We boated a little past the island and continued on into a sandy patch right in the middle of Pulau Perak and another island. Along side the sandy patch there was lots of great coral and the wildlife was alive and busy. Whats sad is because it was morning the angle of the sun didn’t penetrate the water as it would during the day so the pictures (accept those taken right on the surface) don’t do the underwater scenery justice.


We basically started in the middle of the sand bank and made our way to the steep ridge drop offs which seemed to have the most life and best looking coral. As a customary dive I usually try to dive to the bottom just to gauge the depth. On the first dive I went all the way to the bottom of the ridge and it seemed to be about 17m – 20m in depth. The water had about 10m visibility so it wasn’t great but it wasn’t terrible either. For camera work though, it doesn’t turn out to great at anything past 10m.

As usual the water was above 26 degrees Celsius and just completely warm for my standards. I was thinking about putting my wetsuit on but when the guide told us its not jelly fish season yet I didn’t bother. Having the water on your skin just feels so great and without a wetsuit you just feel more free to move. We did however get stung a couple of times by some tiny jelly fish but whatever … it wasn’t to bad so we just ignored it and kept diving throughout the day.

This was the second day of our trip so we could not stay to long as the boat was about to depart from the docks at the main Harapan island were we stayed at 1:00pm. We got up at about 5:30 that morning to check out the sunrise and arrived on the Pulau Perak at about 6:30 after having something small to eat and packing our gear. This allowed us about a good solid 4hrs so we were happy.


Mark had done some training and was looking to try to get to some depths this time and managed to get to what looked like about 5-6 meters. Not to bad and it seemed most of the things people have issues with such as kicking down (and not floating up all the time) and equalisation was not a problem. I think a bit of breathe hold training (Not in the water on your own mate) is enough to get some good depth πŸ™‚ After this we can do some real exploration down the depths πŸ˜›

Freaking great weekend and the weather was perfect ! Next time I visit these islands might bring camping gear. It will reduce the cost of the weekend dramatically from $60 AUD to probably $15 AUD ! A whole weekend of fun in an sunny island setting, with white sands, blue waters and perfect weather for $15 – $60 AUD ? Where else but Indonesia !

Love my country, love the people and I hope you enjoy the video !


Pulau Sangiang – Indonesia

I am currently not yet back in Australia yet so I have taken a second weekend trip out of Jakarta to visit more of the beautiful remote islands of my AWESOME country … Indonesia.


Pulau Sangiang lies in the Sunda strait (or Sulat Sunda) right between the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra. The way to arrive to this island is to leave of the coast of Anyer by boat. Anyer is about a 3 and a half hour drive from the main city of Jakarta so you need to find your way to the docks in Anyer to board your boat to the island. It’s a much less crowded nicer boarding area then what you will find when you travel to the “Thousand Islands” in Muara angke.


So what happened on Day 1:

The boat ride is about 2 to 3 hours depending on which part of the island you want to land on and what you want to see on the island.

As the boat sailed along the coast of the island there were lots of coral reefs to be seen and many steep cliff drops with caves down below were the water would break and swirl around. It was an awesome site and something I haven’t seen before. When I travelled to Pulau seribu the islands didn’t ahve high or steep cliffs, they had shallow coral slowly receding into sand so this was something totally different.

We passed a few boats and many people on the boats had wetsuits on so it seems that there were many different diving sites that we passed along the way to our main location. When we finally arrived at our location we took the boat for a detour down some mangroves and looked at where the ocean meets the rivers. What I found interesting was the transition of water colour from the clear blue, turquoise colours to the green muddy colours as we got further inland.


After we made some rounds in the mangrove area everyone just couldn’t wait to get wet and jump in the water. The boat turned around and we headed straight back to the ocean !! Yeaaaaaahhhh. I was already in my wetsuit ready to jump in and enjoy the ocean. As a result of our little mangrove detour i was already sweating big time in my suite … honestly, it felt like a freaking sauna under the hot sun and everything zipped up πŸ˜›

When we were at the spot I took my GoPro into the water, washed my mask, cleared and rinsed my snorkel and jumped in. After about a few minutes of taking some warmup dives I was ready to start recording on my GoPro.

Freaking disaster, I saw condensation in my GoPro and I couldn’t turn it off, the camera seemed to be non responsive. It seemed to be stuck and it was probably because of the small amount of fluid that got in. Fuarrrr … is my GoPro stuffed ?! I got out of the water, took it out of its case and left it out for a while. When I rechecked the GoPro everything was fine so I had a feeling my case wasn’t sealed tight. As a result of this I had concerns taking my camera in the water so I left it out for the whole weekend. I did many dives through some really awesome coral but didn’t capture it on video. Would rather keep my GoPro live another day and wait for a new case then risk taking it in again πŸ™‚

It didn’t matter though not having the GoPro allowed me to dive without having to hold a camera and allowed me to enjoy the water without having to be concerned about whether the shot came out good or not. Sometimes you just need to get into the water to just be in the water and enjoy the feeling, not think about recording or anything else.

The water was nice, i swam down the steep ledge to about 10 meters and just enjoyed the peace and quite whilst looking at the fish and coral, I lay on my back for a bit and then slowly floated up …. beautiful feeling. After spending some time away from the group, I noticed that some of the other guys where dropping a line and taking photo’s so I decided to join them and do some line work.

We took turns using the line and budding up with each other to make sure we were all safe going down and coming back up. Safety First πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜› During the day we moved to various different locations around Sangiang island to experience the reefs and enjoy the diving. Some reefs were very shallow then veered steeply into a very deep trench, these were pretty nice locations to practice depth as we didn’t have to move to far from shore.

One of the best parts of the trip was the sunset, it was an absolutely awesome view and something I hope to see again. I’ll be prepared with a proper camera next time. I wont write to much about it but you can see the trek up to the beach where we viewed the sunset in the video above.


Three of the divers were also avid spear fisherman and managed to rack in some nice fish, we had some grupers, sting rays and an assortment of other fish as well as some chicken, rice and tempe prepared for us. The fish was grilled on an open fire and some nice chilli sauce was added to it … such a great dinner !


The worst part of the trip was the sleeping conditions ! Because i slept late i had to sleep outside. Most of the time I have no concerns about sleeping outside but in this case the mosquitos were out in flock and they were taking out big chunks from my feet. I had covered up with long pants and had long sleeves on and the only exposed part of my body (which was my feet) was taken advantage of by the mosquitos. It got so annoying i went inside, told my cousin (who also came) to shift a little so I could also sleep indoors ! πŸ˜›

So what happened on Day 2:


On day two we trekked out to one of the caves and looked into a cave that stretched from inland out towards the open ocean. Waves would come into the cave from the outside straight onto the island. This particular cave is infested with bats and reeks of bat crap BUT there are also sharks swimming in the water ready to pluck and eat bats that fall in. Joining the sharks there are also large lizards taking its own fill of bat πŸ™‚

After we took pictures and explored the area we went back to the main cabin location, had some coconuts and departed on our boat. We headed to one last dive site where we took some turns on the line and I was explaining to one of my friends how to equalise by going feet first down the dive line. One of the difficulties with teaching this method is if you want to pull UP on the rope you need to find a place to tie it down. Looking for a big rock was difficult but eventually found one and was able to go up and down the line easily.


This time the spearo’s did well and managed to get about 7 fish all up. There were some really nice ones (can’t remember the names). Some were fried and some where thrown on the open fire and once the fish was cooked, everyone would dig in like a pack of hungry wolves … (hey its understandable .. diving does that to you, it makes you dam hungry)

After lunch we had our final trip back by boat to the Anyer where we initially departed from. The boat trip back started of pretty smooth but then got really really rough. I (as usual) was on the roof of the boat and was rocking around all over the place, at one point it did get pretty scary and I had to hold on but after a while the seas got smooth again.

We finally landed back at Anyer, had a shower, loaded our stuff onto the bus and left to go back home. Such a totally awesome trip and something definitely different then usual. I’ll try to get back to Sangiang again if I get the chance and take some proper underwater pictures of the nice coral there.

Until next time …. have a good one !


Free Diving – Pulau Pramuka meaning (Scout Island) – Indonesia

It’s been 2 long months since I have been in the ocean again to swim let alone do any diving and it has been a long wait.

Finally I had a chance to visit one of the islands of “Pulau Seribu” or “Thousand Islands” as its called in english. Its a collection of islands in Indonesia right of the coast of Jakarta and is still considered part of Jakarta even though it stretches a vast amount of water which would take about 2 – 4 hour boat rides if you travelled the islands on a standard ferry.Β My good mate, seasoned traveller and fellow bum Mark from Hong Kong joined up in Jakarta and we both headed to Pulau Pramuka to get a dose of sun, wind and water.

So how did the trip to the island go ?

  • We caught a taxi to Muara Angke where the ferries are docked. Muara Angke is where fisherman offload their catch and have it cleaned, cut and shipped throughout jakarta, possibly even other parts of Indonesia. This place absolutely reeks. The taxi driver had to open the window to ask questions and the smell that came rushing made me feel sick, so I just Β *held my breathe* … I had people tell me before my trip, why not go from pluit and use the long (billionaire style) speed boat, BUT Me being a bum and knowing Mark to be the same thought WTF, NA , we would rather use a $5 ferry. Β Anyway it was an experience worth remembering partly because of that smell πŸ˜›
  • After we finally got to the docks we boarded the ferry, which in its self was another experience, Boarding the ferry required us to jump between other ferries to get to the one we were scheduled for. This isn’t so bad but let me tell you … if any of your stuff fell into the water it would probably melt and disintegrate because the water right on the docks of Muara angke was so polluted that the water was literally brown in Color and had rubbish everywhere. Sad knowing that this dock could be so much cleaner and possibly even a tourist site like circular quay in sydney.
  • Then this was followed the boat trip to the islands, which was totally awesome. Mark and I sat on the roof of the ferry like boat people trying to get from Indonesia to the coast of Australia πŸ™‚ But because of this we were able to see the ocean, and from a distance spot and see flying fish jump out of the water and experience dolphins swimming by the boat, such a beautiful site.
  • The boat stopped of at Pulau Pari (Pari which in Indonesian means manta ray) and picked up a few additional passengers along with also dropping of a few passengers before our final stop to Pulau Pramuka. Pulau Pari is apparently known for some good diving spots too so it will be something I will checkout later if I get some time πŸ™‚

What happened on Day 1 ?

Accommodation was pretty basic, room, bed on the floor, aircon and kinda running (hot water) LOL. It’s good enough though, we aren’t there to enjoy the room, we are there to enjoy the island, the great out doors, the sun and the water above and below. The first activity was to go snorkelling so we went with the rest of the group out on the boat and went to the snorkelling site.

The reefs and coral at this particular site were pretty much grey and dead but they had interesting shapes and there was some depth, the water would go from 1.X meters to 15-20 meters pretty quickly. In many of my dives i followed the ridge down and before I knew it when I looked up the snorkellers would be points in the distance, nerve racking but awesome at the same time simply because as you follow the ridge down you just don’t realise how much deeper your going where if you follow a line down you know your going deeper and be conscious of this fact.

After the snorkelling area we went to a place called samak daun which sounds like “Smack Down” as one of the fellow Indonesian travellers told us πŸ™‚ Samak Daun is a really small island with beautiful shallow waters, nice coral and relaxed waters. No diving here really, just put on our vibrams and walked around and enjoyed the water and coral. The water color was turquoise and just something I hadn’t seen in a while, it was really beautiful to see and the sun was perfect, not hot but just right.

After Samak Daun we went to a shark/large fish cage, nothing to see, pretty boring actually and I think a time waster, we walked around, saw how much a beer was Rp 35,000 (which is about 3.50) complete rip off knowing that a beer usually costs $1 AUD so went back to the boat and just waited to head back.

What happened on Day 2 ?

I had asked the tour organisers what was going to happen on day two and they told us we would be visiting some fish parks and a few other DEAD boring things so I asked if we could replace it with another snorkelling session. They said we could but we had to add Rp125,000 which is about ($12.50), $12.50 Aud ? For a boat of our own so we can go to all the reefs and coral that the island had to offer ?! No worries mate ! Lets dooooo iiiittt.

So on day two all we did was go diving/snorkelling all day on our own boat, this was the best decision to make and we saw some great locations, awesome dive sites and just really enjoyed the day. We were out in the water for about 5hrs and got to see the some of the best the island had to offer.

Next time I visit any of the islands of the “Thousand Islands” I will definitely be customising my trip and not just going with the standard packages πŸ™‚

We had a great time, took some great videos and some great pictures displayed right here in this post. I will definitely be back to visit some of the other islands here, sum suggestions are

  • Pulau Matahari
  • Pulau Sepa
  • Pulau Macan
  • Pulau Tidung

Don’t know which one to visit next …. lets wait and see ….



Freediving – Bandung Freediving @ UPI

It’s been a while but finally I have a new video and I think from this day onward there is going to be a flood of videos as I am planning two trips over the next few weekends to two different islands in this beautiful country we call Indonesia ! This video however is somewhat different to the rest of my videos as its in the pool and not in the ocean. Just to add, I also want to say thanks to the Bandung Freedivers for letting me join their group for training over the weekend.

Bandung is my hometown in Indonesia and its way up in the mountains far away from the beach. Whenever I go to a new area I always like to find out if there is a pool or a beach that I can continue training in and upon research I found that Bandung has a freediving club. Up in the mountains of indonesia freediving still exists ! Yay … how awesome is that !

1238199_10201929206702796_1533010302_nSo I contacted them via twitter and facebook to get details of when they train as a group and their usual schedule is from 9am in the morning to when the pool closes ! Pretty awesome .. its pretty much over 9 hours in the pool πŸ˜›

So for the day I went over some techniques like kicking/finning, how to breathe before a dive, and just some tips on how I hold my breathe longer and relax. I also learnt about some of the good diving spots around Indonesia and have a dive organised with the group on the 20th of september. Indonesia is so awesome, a whole weekend of diving can cost as much $40 – $60 dollars, this includes boat, food accommodation … too awesome.

It’s going to be an exciting trip as I have never gone with so many people to a diving site in one go, its going to be cool to see so many people in the water at once and I can’t wait to take this shot from the bottom of the ocean, im getting excited just thinking about it ! So I want to say thanks to the group at Bandung Freediving and look forward to meeting up on the 20th for our dive near Krakatau (sangiang island).

It’s gonna be dam cool. πŸ™‚

Such a time waster …

IMG_0543So I got sick ! Pretty badly too, had this crazy virus combo that took me out for 3 days straight but now it looks like I am back ! I think a combination of to much work, not enough sleep, crazy weather conditions (getting cold then hot then air con), sleeping in the car, working in the car, not eating right and the odd mosquito took its toll on what i thought was my invincible body πŸ˜›

I felt really tired 3 days ago, went to the doctors for a checkup only to find out i had the double whammy, dengue fever & typhoid fever both at the same time hahaha ! Typhoid from overwork, not enough rest and not eating right and dengue from some dumbass mosquito. When doctor told me I was like *madddd* …. this cant be good, wonder how im gonna feel in a few days when this nasty combo really kicks in, but to be honest the worst thing about getting sick like this is being bored out of my wits. Sitting in bed, with the drip, SUCH A PAIN IN THE ASS.

Anyway 3 days later and I think im ok now, doctors say it takes on average about 10 days but seems like I have recovered and things are already good now, they better let me go home tomorrow otherwise i’m gonna call my friends and cousins into my hospital room and have a party in here, make lots of noise in my room till they kick my ass out LOL.

Got some work and some diving to do man , cant be sitting in bed wasting time like this πŸ˜›