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This category will include all the different movies, songs and music from Bollywood. It might contain some movie reviews of really interesting movies that I have watched, some of my favourite songs from those movies, even some music that I try to cover on guitar :P Also I might try to translate the posts to hindi as I managed to pick up some hindi by watching so many movies and might as well improve on it whilst I have it in my head. I memorised most (I think) of the devanagari script over 2 weeks so I can type it into google translate and learn whilst I watch the movies. Also I will try my best to translate. Hopefully over time the translations get much much better than where they are now :)

(Valentine Mashup Mix) – Awesome Bollywood Dance

Been so busy as of late I haven’t had time to catch any new movies and see whats new in 2013 though there are a few that I had heard about in late 2012 that I want to go and checkout. However I have been browsing the songs on youtube and found this absolutely awesome dance mix.

It has many of my favourite songs from the different movies up tempo’ed with a dance mix background. Awesome ! :) As of now it has about 2812 hits but its relatively new so I think it will definitely increase this year.

My attempt at translations below :)

यह मह मे बाहुत वयसत है तो नए हिनदि movies देखा नही है. लेकिन वह साल , कुघ आछी movies मे देख चाहते. Instead मे हिनदि music, सुन कार राहे है आैर यह नाचे mix पाया कार राहा है ! आरे वा ! मे बाहुत पासानद हौ totally awesome !

य़ह mix मेरा प्रिय songs है and the beat is awesome :)  अबी hits 2812 है लेकिन मे सोचता क्योंकि नए है.

Movie Review: My Name Is Khan…

I just recently watched “My Name Is Khan” starring Sharukah Khan & Kajol and I thought that i would do a movie review on it. Whenever I watch a Bollywood movie I try not to read to much about the plot. This way when I watch the movie I can be surprised by the storyline. When picking a movie I just go by the actors and recommendations by people who have seen it :) In this specific case the title, “My Name is Khan” doesn’t say much about the movie but since it stars two of the biggest names in Indian cinema and with all the 5 star ratings it received  I knew it was a movie worth watching.

As many fans of Bollywood movies can attest, usually prior to the intermission the characters are defined, their backstories defined and a picture perfect image of the characters are created. By the time the intermission is completed the movie takes a complete 180 turn and we learn all about the plot and the major issues, secrets and conflicts between each of the characters.

“My Name Is Khan” was no different and the story basically revolves around a young mulsim boy (Rizwan Khan) with Asperger syndrome who has many social disabilities at a young age but is lovingly brought up by his mother who teaches him the ways of how to live a decent and good life. Rizwan though cursed with social disabilities is blessed with an uncanny skill of being able to fix just about anything mechanical and with this skill manages to earn the respect of a wise and educated man within the village who helps Rizwan hone his skills and also earns respect from the villagers by helping them clean their town center after it is damaged by floods.

Rizwan grows up to be an upstanding man and loving husband to Mandira, his Hindu wife (played by Kajol) woos into marrying him through his charm and his loving nature. They live life together happily running their beauty salon and raising Mandira’s child (Joel) who was from her previous marriage.

Life is perfect until the september 11 attacks occur and their life is changed. Due to the instant resentment towards Muslims and the persecution of anyone who resembled a muslim looking man (or women) either by attire, name or look their beauty salon business bearing the name Khan is instantly effected when no more customers come through their door even though Mandira herself is not a Muslim but simply bares the name Khan through marriage. Both Rizwan & Mandira manage to get by but things change forever when their son Joel is killed due to racial persecution by kids at his high school. Mandira blames Rizwan for her sons death as a result of his name and the pair part ways.

From there Rizwan begins his journey for redemption and to understand why Muslims are being persecuted the way they are when he remembers his mother teaching him that all men are the same and the only differing factor is their are good men and there are bad men, color, skin race and religion do not matter.

“My Name is Khan” is a beautiful movie of love, struggle & redemption and one that I wish more people could watch. I show it to many of my friends and most of them can’t help but get teary eye’d. It’s one of the movies that I think defines greatly why I like indian cinema. It gives the other side of terrorism a face, the side where other muslims stare in disbelief at the actions of people that share the same beliefs as them but commit murder at such a large scale that its unimaginable to anyone (same beliefs or not). As a result the rest of the Muslims are persecuted simply because they share the same beliefs even though they don’t share any of the violent ideologies and are actually whole heartily against them. In many Bollywood movies this is represented well but I think this aspect, where the bad guys are the “Muslims” is something that many times is grossly mis-represented in the typical hollywood movies.

I think it’s Sharuhkah Khan at one of his best (It was great to see SRK play someone who has Asperger’s and less suave should we say – Kinda like Priyanka Chopra in Barfi) and seeing him work with Kajol in this very different context is great. I’m sure they must have worked together many times but the last time i remember watching this duo was in the classic “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai”.

It’s a great movie and one I will recommend to many other people who don’t mind watching foreign movies. Hope Bollywood keep making movies this great !

AND BTW, if by some freak of nature SRK types something into google and this page comes up I just want to say …. thanks for visiting Indonesia Sharukah, hope you visit again when im around so I can get an autograph :)

Movie Review: 3 Idiots ! ….

3 idiots is probably one of the best movies I have watched of all time and definitely makes the top 5 in my list. If I was to count how many times I have watched this movie, I can say that it would definitely exceed 20 ! The 3 characters Racho, Farhan & Raju are absolutely loveable and their story together through all the hardships of life and college is so heart warming that after you watch it, you just have to repeat certain parts of the movie just to laugh, cry or cheer them on again. 3 idiots is one of those movies that I would watch when I need some cheering up or if I want to have a bit of a laugh because it simply touches on almost all emotions.

The story basically revolves around 3 college students all from differing backgrounds who have successfully gained admission into the Imperial College of Engineering (ICE) in India, where competition to get in is tough and only about 1% from all applicants gain admission. Each of the 3 friends (Racho, Raju and Farhan) all have different reasons as to why they are doing engineering (For a better life and to escape poverty, pressure from parents to become engineers and simply the love for the subjects) and as a result alter and change their journey and their view point as they progress through the years and learn more about themselves, their friends and about life and what it is they really want to do.

There are many different aspects of the movie around dealing with pressure from parents, poverty, fear of the future and love, specially when love doesn’t make sense. The journey of all the 3 characters and how they overcome their own demons and obstacles is simple heart warming and will make you laugh, cry and cheer them on.

One of the things why I really loved the movie is because of the message that it tries to deliver to the audience and as a result a saying emerges from the movie which is simply – “All izz vell” – “All is well”. The movie has many life lessons and portrays them really well and the lesson behind “All izz vell” is a very important lesson that I have had to teach myself many times in the past. When things are really looking down, looking difficult and about to crumble just play a small trick yourself into thinking everything is OK, stay calm and in turn this will simply give you the strength to get through your problems. I think this works because if your panicing and stressing your head isn’t clear, but by clearing your head, getting rid of any fears, its simply just easier to face the problems ! It’s a great message because sometimes that small little trick can help you get through the most difficult of times.

In addition to all this acting by Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Ranganathan Madhavan & Sharman Joshi is absolutely legendary. Amir Khan also does a great job of looking like he is still in his very late teens to his early 20′s even though he is close to 50 these days !

Anyway, hope you get a chance to watch it, you can actually find the whole movie on youtube so simply search for “3 idiots full movie” on youtube and sit back and enjoy one of the greatest movies ever !

OK – So my attempt to translate the above (or at least the jist) into hindi is below. Please excuse THE MANY mistakes as I am still learning and this is my way of practicing :)

ठीक – मे translate तेषत ऊपर परयास कारेना नीचे है. माफ लिजे अगर बहुत बाननाना mistakes है. मे भि सिकि है. :)

मे बहुत पासानद 3 idiots है. वहो मेरा एक favourite movies है ! यह फिलम पर मेरा top फिलम list, definitely top ५ ऊपर. मे सोचता २० बेर देख है. वहो ३ लड़का रानचो, फारहान और राजु बहुत अचधा अैर loveable characters है. यह कहानि about उनके जिनदागि college अैर विपाति encountered है. उनके कहानि बाहुत दिल कुश अैर खाबि खाबि फिर देख over अैर over.

मुल कहानि है,३ कोलज लड़का विभिन्न से स्वीकार किया Imperial college of Engineering में. यह बहुत कोलज िनदिा में अैर यह कोलज से सिर् 1% स्वीकार किया है.

सब ३ लड़का विभिन्न कारण ICE में engineering  कार राहे. एक लड़का क्योंकि माता पिता force engineering कार राहि, एक लड़का क्योंकि engineering favourite subjects है अैर एक लड़का क्योंकि बहुत पासानद engineering अैर भी मादात पारिवार है. लेकिन उनके जिनदगि परिवर्तन कोलेग में क्योंकि पयार, दोसत अैर पारिवार. जाब कोलेग खाताम वह  फरहान अैर राजु खोज रानचो क्योंकि रानचो जानति, भात good bye नहि है. From there the plot thickens !

भी मे पासानद 3 idiots फिलम क्योंकि वह मेसेग बहुत अचधा है ! यह फिलम जिनदगि बहुत पाठ है. बहुत important  पाठ “All iz vell” है. मुल मतलाब जाब जानदिगि मुश्किल है, आप trick yourself into believing सब कुछ ठीक है. यह आप हो जाना शाकति शालि अैर समस्या overcome साकता है.

भी Aamir Khan,Kareena Kapoor, Ranganathan Madhavan अैर Sharman Joshi acting बहुत अचधि वाला है ! Aamir Khan का चेहरा बहुत young है. यह बहुत अचधा है.

आप दख फिलम जारुर है यह  फिलम youtube में. आप search “3 idiots full movie” youtube में, आप दख full movie साकता है.

OK :P I hope that was understandable … :)

Bollywood Movies !

(A nice romantic mashup of all the different songs across many different Bollywood movies)

Bollywood movies are the best ! I started watching them just under 10 months ago (I think) after a trip to Bali with a friend of mine from work. My friends name is Parveen. Towards the end of the trip Parveen and I went to a DVD store to buy some DVD’s. I was looking for the latest hollywood releases whilst Parveen was checking out the movies in the Bollywood section whilst calling his wife to see what additional movies she wanted to purchase.

I knew that Bollywood movies were a big hit in Indonesia and are shown on free to air TV every sunday with Indonesian dubbing. I scanned through the different Bollywood movies and thought, why not ? If it shows on Indonesian TV every sunday and millions of Indonesians enjoy watching them there must be something about the movies that I could also relate to and enjoy.

So I decide to buy one DVD (Pyaar Impossible). I watched it and thought what an awesome movie ! It’s a bit of a chick flick but doesn’t matter, it was enjoyable to watch. I then watched “Ek Tha Tiger” with crappy subtitles but still really enjoyed it. I was hooked and decided when I get back to Australia I would find more Bollywood movies to watch.

Fast forward 10 months later and I think I have watched over 30 titles and even been the only non Indian to watch latest release Bollywood movies on the first day when they are shown in selected cinemas here in Australia ! :P So what is it about the movies that I enjoy the most ? I really like how the stories are about the people, there are special effects in some cases but it isn’t the dominating part of the movies. You really fall in love with the characters and their interactions.

Take for example Rancho in “3 idiots” and even his 2 side kick idiots or Rizwan Khan from  ”My name is Khan”, Sanjay Singhania from “Ghanjini”, Shashi Godbole from “Enligsh Vinglish” or even “Jerry Patel” from Desi Boyz.  The characters are awesome and when you are watching the movies, as a result of how the characters have been built up you really want to see them succeed, find love, prove everyone wrong or get revenge !

Even though the story lines might have some similarities to western movies in many aspects the movies have a very “local” feel and I see many similarities with Indonesian movies and indonesian story lines (which I also am very fond of watching). It is hard to put a finger on what I mean exactly but to put it bluntly the movies deal with issues that are more relevant in many non westernised countries and its a nice change to see a different perspective on a myriad of different issues such as family relationships, marriage, religion, friendships, education & growing up and not just that portrayed by Hollywood.

And finally the music … how awesome is the music and dancing. I think i’ll stop writing about the music here as i’ll probably write much more about the music specifically in later posts :)

I guess thats my take on why I really love watching Bollywood movies. And just to finish off, below is a list of some of my favourites (so far …. :P ) in no particular order.