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Ini adalah bagian blog yang saya akan tulis tentang Indonesia. Maaf kalo bahasa Indonesia saya sedikit aneh tapi saya sudah tingal di Australia Hampir 24 tahun jadi ngak sempet sekolah di Indonesia dan belajar tulis dan baca yang formal :P Tapi blog ini termasuk untuk belajar saya jadi kalo ada yang salah salah aku terbuka untuk feedback :)

Happy New Years 2013 to 2014 – Bandung Freediving Cabang Jakarta LOL !


Man I am excited for this new year. Scared a little BUT mostly excited cause things are happening. However on the 31st of Dec, there is NO TIME to be scared or think to much about the future there is only time to think about what to do on Dec 31st NYE.

I was sick, had a sore throat, was feeling kinda weak, but I still didn’t wanna stay at home. There were decisions of going to bandung, decisions to stay, to go play pool, nothing was clear. I just surfed the net and drank hot tea and medicine all day to try to get better for the new year and the rest did me well.

I was tired from long hours at work getting the initial design for our product completed and I think it took its toll. Come 7 I called Rafie, where are you broooo. He answers “Downstairs”. I go down and ask him, so what we doing for NYE man … “Dunno” he answers “but I gotta pick up a cake for my mum”.

Then Ajeng whatsapp me. “Gimana Sid jadi keluar ?” Ngak tau nih. Eventually we work out there is no plans and we have the evening free. “OK Jeng jadi kita on the way … siap2″. We drive to where Ajeng is staying for her training and our plan is simple.

Go to a nice place to eat till the new years bell , blow on the horns, greet everyone happy new year and then call it a night. NOPE … this didn’t happen ;)

So we went to noodle house at living world and right outside there was a dance party setting up :P The music was pumping, the people were dancing and it looked like fun …

So we ate … and well, the pictures tell the rest of the story :)

Was a great night and I forgot that I was sick, I guess now i’m paying for it haha but thats ok. It isn’t to bad and you have to celebrate the coming of the new year.


Have fun everyone and may your new years be everything you hope it to be !



Indonesia – Island hopping … Rain, Hail or Shine !

So its rainy season here in Indonesia ! If you plan a trip to one of the islands its a gamble as to whether its going to be good or bad weather on that day. The best way to fix this problem is to simply not care and go anyway HAHAHAHA ! Take the good ole Aussie approach. “Yeah she’ll be right mate” …. :)

Rain hail or shine, if you plan to go on a trip be happy no matter what the weather is and your going to be sure your trip will be SCHWEEET ! :) I guess the only consideration you need to take is to ensure that its safe and that you aren’t putting yourself or anyone that relies on you in danger. I was somewhat worried about that because there were some new guys on our trip that might have had issues if the boat capsized but it wasn’t as bad as I thought and the weather and ocean was pretty good to us. If it was just me and mark, I could imagine that if the boat capsized we would have started laughing and started taking pictures LOL, then only after 2-3 hours if someone didn’t come get us we would probably start getting just a little worried (just a little :P )

The swell was big on the way to Pulau Harapan so we had to stop for about 1 and a half hours to avoid the big waves but other then that slight “waste of time” mishap it was fine. We had some chop on the way to the smaller islands but for the most part the small nelayan boats held up good.


So the group this time was bigger then just the BUMS (me and mark) and it was fun having a slightly bigger group. We had Rafie join us, Widdy (Rafies work mate) and Vero (my work mate). We went to the usual dive locations but this time because of the choppy seas the silt was kicked up from the ocean bed and it made the visibility pretty bad and this did put a slight dampen on our expectations but … it didn’t matter cause we were in the water and some locations were much better then others and did have some slight visibility.

So in the group we had 2 light skinned guys Widdy and Vero and 3 dark skinned guys, Mark, me and Rafie. So as the 3 of us went black, Widdy and Vero got red. The biggest standout was Widdy, it looked like he had a red mask and vest on HAHAHA ! Thanks for being a good sport mate … hope you are now recovered and its not peeling to bad.

My skin started to peel after a day and I looked like two-face from batman, people at the malls probably thought I had a skin disease HAHAHA WHATEVER … The sun burn mostly occurred on the first day because the sun was out and strong. Come the second day it was a totally different story.

That night after we got home all painful and burnt we had dinner then played big 2 … yeah big 2 … I don’t really wanna talk about it LOL … dumb game … had to many issues with the cards I was being dealt so didn’t do too well (plus maybe i’m just shit I don’t know)


So on the second day it was a completely different atmosphere. The weather was gloomy and it started to rain as well. When we woke up the rain was pretty strong .. BUT .. it didn’t matter. We went out and to our surprise pulau perak (where we went diving on this very rainy day) was still very nice and relatively clear. We were able to still have some fun, see some fish and rafie was able to practice his dives and managed to reach the first double digit mark of 10m which is his PB and only second time in open water training.

The boat ride during the rain is actually very different, the water splashing on you and the large waves moving the boat side to side makes for a very different experience. Either way it was fun and a change from the normal boat rides I have experienced when I went to pualu seribu.


So … yeah … another successful weekend in one of the most awesome and cheapest countries to go for weekend trips I must say. Check out the video above to see a summary of our weekend !

… And thanks for coming to the new guys, hope to see you on the next outing :)

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Explorers Event “Temu Pejalan Bandung” @ Bandung – Hosted By Eiger Adventure

Temu Penjalan Bandung

So I had to travel to Bandung to do a few things with my family just prior to going back to Australia this Thursday and it so happens that at the same time I am supposed to be in Bandung there was an event for backpackers, Adventurers and travellers hosted by Eiger. Eiger is a retail outlet that basically has all the outdoor gear any backpacker, hiker, Adventurer or traveller could need from shoes, to bags, watches and other utilities and essentials. They sponsored the event so it was located in their Bandung outlet.


I was told about this event by the top guys from Bandung Freediving whom I have trained, travelled and joined up with here in Indonesia. I thought whilst I am in Bandung I should go and see what the larger travelling and adventure community was all about and in attendance were groups from

Each of the groups gave a really good background of what their focus was and what they set out to achieve within their communities. The Bandung freedivers created a cool video that nicely represents what freediving encompasses in terms of equipment and disciplines but away from all the seriousness the video also showed the kind of fun that happens during the training sessions and when everyone is out on the open water.

Found the Way from Backpacker Bandung on Vimeo.

What I enjoyed most about the talk sessions were the videos that were created as the culmination of a months travel by members from backpackers & Bandung freediving that clearly shows the rich and beautiful landscape that Indonesia has to offer. Scenes from high mountain tops viewing the clouds in the cool air, to Free diver’s hovering above shipwrecks deep within the indonesian seas through to walking amongst the trees really shows the diversity of the indonesian landscape when you decide to travel a bit out of town.

The phrase from the video by Christian Morgenstern “Home is not where you live but where they understand you” is what I have also felt to be true since I was very small, hence living in Australia for over 20 years should make it home and it is in many ways, though there is something just not quite right and I always need to be back in Indonesia to feel completely at home … yes traffic sucks, yes there is a lot of pollution etc etc & bla bla bla but it still feels like home to me because of the people that I know :)

Credits to this video go to : Desah, Rida for editing & backpackers Indonesia (Bandung Region) for filming !

Adventures, travellers and divers all usually have one thing in common and that is, they want to spread the love and share their experiences travelling with their friends and family. Sometimes friends and family may have difficulties travelling the unbeaten path as a result of health issues or maybe want to know what is out there but would rather experience the unbeaten path from the comfort of a couch viewed all on a computer screen (which is fine also, not everyone can travel :) ).

Temu Penjalan Bandung - talk on writing

So that we travellers are able to share our experiences with others who would much rather see the world from a screen (whether in the form of images, videos or writing) there were also talks on how to write more effectively which for me really helps as from time to time I like to write and hopefully not bore the readers :)

There was also talks about how to take those special pictures that are prize winning and capture that special moment that tells a story from just a single shot. Finally, there was an interesting talk about how to create documentaries and WHY we create documentaries. I have always had an interest in creating documentaries and actually have a few amateur ones myself on this blog, so taking tips from professionals was a nice surprise addition to cap of the nights presentations.

Presentations were done by :

It was a great session and since my indonesian isn’t perfect I had to really listen and pay attention to understand what was said but I understood all of it and will try to implement what I learnt in my writing, videos and pictures when I can :)  The night really showed me a different side of what I am used to here in Indonesia as I have been more a part of the city scene. If only I knew about this side of things when I was stationed in Indonesia as an expat 4 years ago, how things might have been different ;) .

Invitation to event temu pejalan bandung

Also got a great little phone pouch out of it from eiger so this will definitely come in handy. Great job on all the organisers from Eiger & Backpackers Indonesia Bandung Region” and hopefully will see meet on the unbeaten path on land or in the WATER !

Documentary – Pulau Harapan (Free Diving Trip)

So last weekend I went away again on a nice trip to Pulau Seribu. This time however I decided to plan my trip exactly as I wanted it. By this I knew that what we wanted to do was go to all the different islands in the area. We didn’t want to do any banana boating, or sight seeing on the island its self. The main goal was to jump in the water and dive !

The way I arranged the trip was I told our organiser Pak Wawai that all I needed was accommodation, food for the two days and boat rental that could take us to anywhere we wanted within the area. Usually the packets they have include many other activities but we were not really interested because wanted to spend +8 hours in the water.

Pak Wawai was a great host and organised everything for us with a really nice boat driver who did a bit of free diving with us also. So in total this is what the packet included

  • Ferry ride from Muara Angke to Pulau Harapan (via Pulau Pramuka)
  • Accommodation at a pretty decent place in Pulau Harapan (decent as in it had showers, AC and bed :P ) if your expecting 5 star accommodation you will be disappointed :)
  • All the food and water for breakfast lunch dinner for the first day and then breakfast and lunch again for the second day. Dinner also included normal dinner and a BBQ with fresh fish.
  • Boat hire for 2 whole days to go where ever we wanted

For two people 2 days 1 night this whole arrangement cost $59 AUD which would be about $57 or so USD and Rp600,000. This however was for only two people and the price radically decreases as you add people to the trip. With a group of 4 it could be around Rp450,000 – Rp500,000 depending on what you do.

Day 1 of the trip 

The trip as usual started in Muara Angke and stopped of at Pulau Pramuka before docking in Pulau Harapan. We then didn’t waste any time through our gear into our cabin and jumped straight onto the boats.

Pulau Seribu Fish

From there we just went island hopping and went diving around the whole area. The water was really nice in comparison to Pulau Pramuka and was really much cleaner, bluer and had much better wild life. We managed to capture big schools of fish, turtles and other wild life all around.

After all the diving was completed we went to an Island called Pulau Pasir which is basically just a sand island right in the middle of the ocean ! It was beautiful, we made it there just in time for the sunset and was watching the sun go down whilst sitting in warm clear waters waist deep ! It was magical and awesome and freaking cheap too ! In the middle of the island there was a small stall where we could get some snacks and drinks :)

At night we were toasted because we were at a dance party on the Friday (Dj Tiesto party) and just danced the night away till 4 and headed straight for the island at 6 (yeah insane) diving like this is dangerous BTW so we didn’t force ourselves to much. So that night we crashed really early. At about 10 Pak Wawai woke us up to tell us that our BBQ dinner was ready. We ate it half asleep and zombie like then headed straight for the sack right after and slept nicely from about 11pm – 5am. Best sleep ever !

Day 2 of the trip 


Day 2 of the trip was simple ! We got our gear at 6:30 jumped on the boat again and spent the whole day in Pulau Perak. We stayed there for about 4-5 hrs and then had to leave to go back to Jakarta.

One of the highlights is on the way back to our ferries there are lots of little kids swimming in the beach and they ask for coins, so we throw them coins and they dive down to get the coins. Maybe there are so future freedivers being cultivated here :)

We finally arrived back in jakarta and had to use the usual tuktuk vehicle which is a motorbike front end connected to a passenger cabin at the back. We where the only two passengers and all the people who knew the driver was giving him a hard time because of it LOL :) It was a great trip and I learnt that up north the islands are so much nicer and much better for diving.

I will probably explore Pulau seribu a few more times to get to know more of the remote areas and do some camping but once I have done that, it will be time to explore other parts of Indonesia’s great diving sites.

Catch you guys till then :)

Pulau Sangiang – Indonesia

I am currently not yet back in Australia yet so I have taken a second weekend trip out of Jakarta to visit more of the beautiful remote islands of my AWESOME country … Indonesia.


Pulau Sangiang lies in the Sunda strait (or Sulat Sunda) right between the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra. The way to arrive to this island is to leave of the coast of Anyer by boat. Anyer is about a 3 and a half hour drive from the main city of Jakarta so you need to find your way to the docks in Anyer to board your boat to the island. It’s a much less crowded nicer boarding area then what you will find when you travel to the “Thousand Islands” in Muara angke.


So what happened on Day 1:

The boat ride is about 2 to 3 hours depending on which part of the island you want to land on and what you want to see on the island.

As the boat sailed along the coast of the island there were lots of coral reefs to be seen and many steep cliff drops with caves down below were the water would break and swirl around. It was an awesome site and something I haven’t seen before. When I travelled to Pulau seribu the islands didn’t ahve high or steep cliffs, they had shallow coral slowly receding into sand so this was something totally different.

We passed a few boats and many people on the boats had wetsuits on so it seems that there were many different diving sites that we passed along the way to our main location. When we finally arrived at our location we took the boat for a detour down some mangroves and looked at where the ocean meets the rivers. What I found interesting was the transition of water colour from the clear blue, turquoise colours to the green muddy colours as we got further inland.


After we made some rounds in the mangrove area everyone just couldn’t wait to get wet and jump in the water. The boat turned around and we headed straight back to the ocean !! Yeaaaaaahhhh. I was already in my wetsuit ready to jump in and enjoy the ocean. As a result of our little mangrove detour i was already sweating big time in my suite … honestly, it felt like a freaking sauna under the hot sun and everything zipped up :P

When we were at the spot I took my GoPro into the water, washed my mask, cleared and rinsed my snorkel and jumped in. After about a few minutes of taking some warmup dives I was ready to start recording on my GoPro.

Freaking disaster, I saw condensation in my GoPro and I couldn’t turn it off, the camera seemed to be non responsive. It seemed to be stuck and it was probably because of the small amount of fluid that got in. Fuarrrr … is my GoPro stuffed ?! I got out of the water, took it out of its case and left it out for a while. When I rechecked the GoPro everything was fine so I had a feeling my case wasn’t sealed tight. As a result of this I had concerns taking my camera in the water so I left it out for the whole weekend. I did many dives through some really awesome coral but didn’t capture it on video. Would rather keep my GoPro live another day and wait for a new case then risk taking it in again :)

It didn’t matter though not having the GoPro allowed me to dive without having to hold a camera and allowed me to enjoy the water without having to be concerned about whether the shot came out good or not. Sometimes you just need to get into the water to just be in the water and enjoy the feeling, not think about recording or anything else.

The water was nice, i swam down the steep ledge to about 10 meters and just enjoyed the peace and quite whilst looking at the fish and coral, I lay on my back for a bit and then slowly floated up …. beautiful feeling. After spending some time away from the group, I noticed that some of the other guys where dropping a line and taking photo’s so I decided to join them and do some line work.

We took turns using the line and budding up with each other to make sure we were all safe going down and coming back up. Safety First ;) :P During the day we moved to various different locations around Sangiang island to experience the reefs and enjoy the diving. Some reefs were very shallow then veered steeply into a very deep trench, these were pretty nice locations to practice depth as we didn’t have to move to far from shore.

One of the best parts of the trip was the sunset, it was an absolutely awesome view and something I hope to see again. I’ll be prepared with a proper camera next time. I wont write to much about it but you can see the trek up to the beach where we viewed the sunset in the video above.


Three of the divers were also avid spear fisherman and managed to rack in some nice fish, we had some grupers, sting rays and an assortment of other fish as well as some chicken, rice and tempe prepared for us. The fish was grilled on an open fire and some nice chilli sauce was added to it … such a great dinner !


The worst part of the trip was the sleeping conditions ! Because i slept late i had to sleep outside. Most of the time I have no concerns about sleeping outside but in this case the mosquitos were out in flock and they were taking out big chunks from my feet. I had covered up with long pants and had long sleeves on and the only exposed part of my body (which was my feet) was taken advantage of by the mosquitos. It got so annoying i went inside, told my cousin (who also came) to shift a little so I could also sleep indoors ! :P

So what happened on Day 2:


On day two we trekked out to one of the caves and looked into a cave that stretched from inland out towards the open ocean. Waves would come into the cave from the outside straight onto the island. This particular cave is infested with bats and reeks of bat crap BUT there are also sharks swimming in the water ready to pluck and eat bats that fall in. Joining the sharks there are also large lizards taking its own fill of bat :)

After we took pictures and explored the area we went back to the main cabin location, had some coconuts and departed on our boat. We headed to one last dive site where we took some turns on the line and I was explaining to one of my friends how to equalise by going feet first down the dive line. One of the difficulties with teaching this method is if you want to pull UP on the rope you need to find a place to tie it down. Looking for a big rock was difficult but eventually found one and was able to go up and down the line easily.


This time the spearo’s did well and managed to get about 7 fish all up. There were some really nice ones (can’t remember the names). Some were fried and some where thrown on the open fire and once the fish was cooked, everyone would dig in like a pack of hungry wolves … (hey its understandable .. diving does that to you, it makes you dam hungry)

After lunch we had our final trip back by boat to the Anyer where we initially departed from. The boat trip back started of pretty smooth but then got really really rough. I (as usual) was on the roof of the boat and was rocking around all over the place, at one point it did get pretty scary and I had to hold on but after a while the seas got smooth again.

We finally landed back at Anyer, had a shower, loaded our stuff onto the bus and left to go back home. Such a totally awesome trip and something definitely different then usual. I’ll try to get back to Sangiang again if I get the chance and take some proper underwater pictures of the nice coral there.

Until next time …. have a good one !


Freediving – Bandung Freediving @ UPI

It’s been a while but finally I have a new video and I think from this day onward there is going to be a flood of videos as I am planning two trips over the next few weekends to two different islands in this beautiful country we call Indonesia ! This video however is somewhat different to the rest of my videos as its in the pool and not in the ocean. Just to add, I also want to say thanks to the Bandung Freedivers for letting me join their group for training over the weekend.

Bandung is my hometown in Indonesia and its way up in the mountains far away from the beach. Whenever I go to a new area I always like to find out if there is a pool or a beach that I can continue training in and upon research I found that Bandung has a freediving club. Up in the mountains of indonesia freediving still exists ! Yay … how awesome is that !

1238199_10201929206702796_1533010302_nSo I contacted them via twitter and facebook to get details of when they train as a group and their usual schedule is from 9am in the morning to when the pool closes ! Pretty awesome .. its pretty much over 9 hours in the pool :P

So for the day I went over some techniques like kicking/finning, how to breathe before a dive, and just some tips on how I hold my breathe longer and relax. I also learnt about some of the good diving spots around Indonesia and have a dive organised with the group on the 20th of september. Indonesia is so awesome, a whole weekend of diving can cost as much $40 – $60 dollars, this includes boat, food accommodation … too awesome.

It’s going to be an exciting trip as I have never gone with so many people to a diving site in one go, its going to be cool to see so many people in the water at once and I can’t wait to take this shot from the bottom of the ocean, im getting excited just thinking about it ! So I want to say thanks to the group at Bandung Freediving and look forward to meeting up on the 20th for our dive near Krakatau (sangiang island).

It’s gonna be dam cool. :)

Indonesia’s Beautiful Scenery …

So on this trip to Indonesia I plan to manage my time between making sure all my work gets completed (on time and on budget) and also to enjoy parts of Indonesia I haven’t had a chance to see. Most of the time, when I have visited Indonesia the only places I visit are Bandung, Bali (Kuta, Ubud, Seminyak and Sanur) and Jakarta’s most common locations.

So far, on this trip I have visited Tulamben, Amed and will be visiting various islands from Pulau Seribu just of the coast of Ancol Jakarta. I have also gone to Majalengka which is a small city between Bandung and Cirebon where most of my original family from my dads side has come from.

Looking out through the window I can’t help but think how beautiful and amazing the landscape is. The rice paddies, the mountain ranges, the sunsets and the cool dewy air when we start to travel further and further up away from Jakarta or when your closer to the top of the mountains anywhere.

Stopping by for a coconut muda (young coconut) or having some mie by the road and just chatting to all the local guys is something I really enjoy. Sometimes you have to slap on the mosquito repellant (because for whatever reason I think these little pests love the taste of foreign fed blood) but other then that you sit under a home made kiosk that is put together from bamboo’s by the river and just relax and chill.

There are lots of really awesome fruits that you can get for really cheap in comparison and its really hard to stop eating them. The only thing preventing me from eating a whole bunch of mangosteen on my own (in the car after buying them) is I don’t know where to put all the rubbish from the skin and seeds and it gets annoying when your hands get all sticky and red and there is no water close by :P

I sound like a complete tourist when I write like this don’t I ?!  :)  But the truth of the matter is, I have always loved coming to Indonesia since I can remember . As a young kid 8-13 I loved it because I could get access to the craziest firecrackers known to man and light them up with my cousins or buy pellet guns that looked like real guns and pretend to be a gangsta after watching (dangerous minds) :P Now it just feels more and more like home and I just enjoy the atmosphere of certain places that I just can’t get back in Oz.

There might not always be hot water, it might be boiling hot in some places, the toilets may not always be up to scratch, air conditioning may screw up with your sinuses and the traffic, gaawwwd the traffic, sometimes certain things that people do may get on your nerves, but who cares, its my other home and feels good to be here with friends and family.

During this trip im going to try and visit some more islands from Pulau seribu and possibly do some diving if the pulau permits.

Enjoy the video above of the car trip between Amed and Sanur on the way home with the picturesque rice paddies, setting sun and Gunung Agung dominating the center of the scenery.

Kota Bandung …


Love this city, bandung tempat orang tua. Udaranya lumayan, tempat makannya hebat (ada the peak, the valley) dan banyak yang lain2.

Yang paling favourit aku tapi adalah jagung empat rasa di jalan dago. Dari dulu aku sama sepupu selalu nongkrong di situ untuk makan jagung dan relax. Jagungnya di bakar dan di kasih saus. Enak banget dan dari aku masih umur 13 tahun masih sama aja yang di situ.

Ini postnya pendek aja, foto di atas sodara lagi makan di empat rasa di jalan dago :)


Asikk Macetnya :P


Kayaknya tiap tahun Jakarta lebih macet terus ! Aku sempet kerja di sini tahun 2005 sampe 2007 dan menurut saya masih lumayan. Sekarang waduh, sedikit ke lewatan, kalo kita mesti puter lagi bisa satu jam. Tapi yang penting kita terima ini Indonesia sementara ini dan kita tenang aja (Bisa pake Yoga dan relaxation technique yang kita suka lakukan sebelom kita free dive, untuk tenangin diri sendiri :) )

Kemarin laptop saya yang macbook tua rusak, ngak bisa nyala lagi. Jadi aku ke Senayan city untuk ke apple store situ untuk tanya kalo bisa di benerin. Ternyatanya dia ngak bisa jadi saya mesti ke Ratu Plaza untuk benerinnya. Ok no problem.

Setauh saya Ratu plaza adalah di jalan sudirman tapi inget lupa jadi takut salah kalo coba2 jalan kaki. Jadinya aku pangil taxi dari senayan city. Ternyatanya aku benar ! Di Jalan sudirman ratu plazanya dan untuk ukuran saya ngak jauh buat jalan dari senayan city, tapi karena pake taxi puter balikannya lammmmmmmaaaaa baget, gila, stelah puter balik dan sampe lagi di sudirman cuman berapa ratus meter sudah sampe ke ratu plaza. Tapi puter balikannya yang hampir 40 menit :P

Anyway, ini situasinya sekarang di Jakarta dan sebetulnya banyak hal lain yang i wish was better tapi, its home dan semoga di masa depan yang deket banyak improvement di kota ini.

Di atas adalah, photo patung sudirman.

Arriving home on Garuda !


Menurut saya salah satu hal yang termasuk baik kalo lagi travelling adalah saat kita lagi terbang. Kadang emang bisa lama, dan bisa boring ato ngak cukup kerjaan, badang pegel tapi menurut saya ngak begitu. Mungkin karena saya sudah biasa tiap hari duduk berjam2 di komputer dan kerjaain seswatu jadi duduk di kapal ngak terlalu beda dari kehidupan saya yang sehari2.

Biasanya kalo saya lagi travelling aku bawah film yang banyak, bawah kerjaan dan bawah buku di amazon kindle ku. Jadi pas saya sudah duduk kalo lagi rasanya cape ato pusing karena ngak cukup tidur (biasanya sih kayak gini karena suka rush terus sebelom travelling) mungkin aku baca buku, nonton film yang di bawa ato nonton yang di sediahin airlines. Banyak film yang bagus2 sekarang di databasenya garuda. BTW waktu aku ke sini kemarin aku nonton Habibie & Ainun filimnya. Hebat banget filmnya !

Kalo emang banyak kerjaan dan ngak terlalu cape mungkin aku akan kerjaain itu untuk berberapa jam. Stelah kelarnya cukup, langsung relax nonton film ato kalo sudah cape banget tidur ! Asik kan, dan dari Australi terbang cuman 6 sampe 7 jam paling lama.

Aku juga sudah coba kapal terbang yang beda2 dan menurut yang paling favorit untuk saya masih kalo pake garuda indonesia. Orangnya baik dan sopan, kapalnya enak (yang airbus baru ya) dan makanannya bisa pilih indonesian ato barat biasanya. Makanan kapal is not the best tapi lumayan.

Anyway ini post pertama di section ini … sejak aku sampe …

Hopefully bahasa Indonesianya bisa di mengertikan :P